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On the whole, our Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter tries offer one to two activities per month. Typically on a weekend during the day and/or something social during the week (after work). We usually have anywhere from 5 to 30 Zetas in attendance, with an average of about 8-16 ladies. Whenever we have a philanthropic activity, we try to coordinate a lunch or brunch to follow to give more Zetas an opportunity to join us. And when possible have open discussion for solidifying details for upcoming events and input for involvement into other activities. 


Aside from Zeta Tau Alphas national support of Making Strides and Think Pink events which support the American Cancer Society, our Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter tries be involved in our community whenever we can. We typically participate in two to five other activities within our fiscal year, which you will find on our Chapter Philanthropy page. As you know, our mission to serve others, and as such if you are personally volunteering for things please let us know, your Zeta Hours counts. Just email us the details to 


Listed below are the events we coordinate annually because of their popularity among our group. However, within the given year, we will add other things to do based on what our current membership suggests. 

In addition to the above, we do try and mix it up and have planned things like:

 Any other ideas -  

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